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Messenger Bots

Messenger Bots Making Magic Happen In Business: Tips And Tricks

Maybe you have heard about the latest buzz in the technology industry. Chat or smart bots will soon replace mobile applications, email marketing and even customer care representatives. It will change the landscape of how business is being run.

This technology will help companies cut operational costs and maximize their revenue. Not only that, it can change how businesses conduct their operations without people realizing it. There is a lot of publicity and promotions floating around chatbots in general, specifically Facebook Messenger bots.

It is not surprising that, according to the survey conducted by Oracle, more or less 80% of all businesses in the United States want to use chat or smart bots in their day-to-day operations by 2020. The big question is, can this technology really do all the things it promises? According to experts, it is still in its infancy stage. It is still very early to make a conclusion. In the meantime, let’s take a closer look at the necessary information about chatbots.

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What is Facebook chatbots?

Essentially, this technology is an automated messaging application or software that uses Artificial Intelligence to help communicate with each other. It is designed and programmed to know and understand every possible question, provide the right answers, and execute the job at hand.

From a customer’s point of view, this technology is an accessible conversion bot and friendly time-saver. Instead of opening an application (or downloading them), making phone calls, searching the Internet or loading a website, your client can just type a simple message, like how they would with their friends.

This technology has been around for some time, and they are currently available on websites, social media in applications – you name it, they are connected with it. Facebook Messenger bots are chatbots that exist in FB Messenger. It means that it communicates with more or less 1.5 billion people who are connected or using Facebook Messenger per month.

If you are using FB, there is a big chance that you are already using their Messenger application, and you have a strategy in place for your business to take advantage of it. Messenger bots are how you can scale that strategy. As early 2018 during the F8 conference, Facebook has more or less 300,000 active chatbots in their Messenger apps. That is at least three times as many bots as the previous year.

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Why should you use this technology for your business?

There are two vital advantages or benefits of using FB Messenger chatbots. First and foremost, there is a low barrier of entry for you and your target market. FB Messenger is considered as the third most-used software or application in the world today.

More or less, 70% of people use this application, and it is not just used to communicate with your friends and family. According to a survey conducted by Nielsen Group, they found out that people think that using this application is considered the second-best way to communicate with other businesses.

Users exchange at least two billion messages using Facebook Messenger per month. If you compare this with a different mobile application market where at least 70% of users uninstall the application within the next 90 days after it was installed, FB messenger has a pretty good advantage. If you want to convey a message to your customers, building a bot powered by FB Messenger is cheaper compared to building a mobile application from scratch.

The next benefit is that this industry is still wide open. While the platform has at least six million advertisers, only 300,000 chatbots are being utilized. That is lot less competitors. Meanwhile, email rates through clicks have not improved in recent years, and the recipient opens only 30% of marketing emails. Smart bots can help you bypass email inbox competition. That is the context when it comes to this topic. Now, let us take a closer look at what the technology can help you do.

Directly reach to your target market

According to experts, people are three times more likely to use Facebook messages than opening their marketing emails. Since clients can respond immediately by pressing the Call-to-Action button, they are a big chance to go further on your marketing funnel. Not only that, the Messenger app has sponsored advertisements, which can be sent to people who have already been in touch with your social media page. It means that you already have a steady subscriber list. You can use them together with your chatbot to help you target high-quality clients.

Save time and money on customer relations and after-sales care

Clients expect 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability, but they hate waiting. Customers also ask a lot of repetitive questions. If you are spending a lot of time helping the customers track their deliveries, book appointments or checking return policies, some automation will be a big help. You need to focus more on tasks that this technology cannot do.

Identify every possible lead

As the technology greets future or possible clients, it can help identify the customer’s needs; you need to ask the most important question (What is your budget?) and direct every quality lead to your company’s human sales team immediately.

How companies use Facebook Messenger chatbots?

Every bot is unique as the company that they are serving. They help with the conventional client service questions like appointment booking appointments and tracking the delivery. Not only that, but they can also drive discoveries – suggesting a good, affordable and quality pair of jeans, book a direct flight to places you want to go, or ordering lunch or dinner.

This technology can up-sell by suggesting shirts that will go well with the jeans or order of Kombucha with dragon bowls. It reminds you that you forgot to, but on the shoes, you are eyeing for months. It can track deliveries, and check in to see how the jeans fit once they arrived in your doorsteps. It also notifies you about offers that they think people will like, and they will remember your time zone, nut allergy or your size.