4 Ways To Purge For Productivity

The office workspace can be depressing when you see clutter and chaos every morning. The tangled mess of computer wires and the never-ending stack of paperwork spilling out of the filing tray can ruin even the most motivated of employees. If your office space hasn’t really been giving your good vibes, perhaps a solid cleanout will help you get back on the track of productivity. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Purge Your Office

You need to go through your office and get rid of everything that you don’t need or want. If your office clutter has been piling up for a while, this might take longer than your hour lunch break. Plan to spend a day sifting and sorting through everything you have hiding in the nooks and crannies. If things don’t work, trash them or have them sent for repair. If you have furniture or things that haven’t been used in months, send them to the basement or storage room.  If it is covered in dust, it can probably go.

  • Redistribute Clutter

Some of the things you have lying around might not actually belong in your office; you simply got busy and forgot to put it back. Gather up the things that don’t belong in your space and take them to where they belong. It could be that you took the hole punch from the reception area or you have an extra toner cartridge that you didn’t need after all. Replacing things in their rightful home is one way to instantly make your office less chaotic.

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  • Create Special Zones

There should be distinct areas of work within your office. Your desk is probably the main workspace, but you might have bookcases that are your resource area. Invest in a good office chair that has swivel casters with lock on them, and you can move between your workspaces more efficiently.  Place related items within the work zone to help streamline your productivity.

  • Establish Closeness

There will be certain things in your office that you will use more frequently throughout the day. Place these things closest to you, whether on the desk or the credenza close to you. If you are continually getting out of your chair to go to the printer, you lose a lot of valuable time.

If you want to get the most out of your office space, you need to proactively address clutter and chaos. It might take going in on the weekend to get it all under control, but you will be grateful you did come Monday morning.