Remote Working

Work From Home Guide: Habits That Can Make Remote Working More Productive

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, remote working was gaining traction. Before the lockdown and quarantines, most people were already with the dynamics of remote working.

However, with the pandemic, quarantine, social distancing, and everything that we are witnessing today, remote working increased significantly. Remote working transformed into a “new normal” working mode. This caused an almost 42% increase in individuals who are now working from home after the pandemic.

The Future of Remote Working 

More than knowing the status of remote working in the current times, people are interested in knowing the future of remote working. And not to anyone’s surprise, remote working has a great potential to become a permanent mode of working. According to a survey that included different companies as participants, 25% of them are planning to keep 10% of their workforce on a permanent work from home basis.

US tech giants like Microsoft have even declared permanent work from home option for their staff. Microsoft’s staff will only require their manager’s approval for working from home, permanently. Moreover, the rivals of Microsoft, Twitter, and Facebook have also made work from home a permanent option for their employees.

This shows that it is highly likely that remote working might stay in our lives forever. This also means that if you were taking a break from giving your hundred percent on your job while working from home, it is time to get back on track, because remote working is here to stay.

Whether or not your company has announced its future motives in regards to remote working, you should assume that you might be working from home for a long time at least in the near future.

So the wise thing to do is adapt yourself to the new normal and start developing some habits that makes this entire new experience worthwhile. We have listed down some good habits that you can adopt.

Find a Separate Work Space

Since the beginning of remote working, you would have seen this one advice all over the place. This is because it is crucial to understand the significance of a dedicated workspace to regain your productive self.

Remote working is a luxury for those who do not implement some clear rules and regulations upon them. For instance, people who do not believe in carving a designated space exclusively for work will only grab their laptops and sit at any place they like. While this option is comfortable, it is damages the mind more than you can imagine.

There are a lot of distractions in your home, such as kids, roommates, landlords, neighbors, or significant others. Apart from human distractions, news blaring from the television set and ringing phone add to the list of things that can sabotage your work performance at home.

Therefore, to make sure you finish up your work on time and also enjoy the rest of your day, you need to maintain a healthy distance from all these distractions.

Stay Accountable

If you are responsible for the work hours you give to your company then make sure you create a weekly or maybe a daily schedule to continue with the routine that helps you keep productive at work. By having a strict schedule, you can organize your tasks and also keep track of your performance.

Other than this, you can use some management tools for your help such as Toggle that helps in project management.

Apart from managing your routine and completing your tasks on time, staying accountable requires transparent communication. Make sure you have communication going on with your boss and colleagues and also share project updates and to-do lists.

Establish Boundaries

Remote working can be a bane or a boon, depending upon how you set your boundaries.

While some might think that remote routine is a luxury work mode for employees as they can slack a bit in their working hours, it can also be torture for employees who cannot manage work from home routine and end up doing work the entire day, and maybe night s well.

To avoid being a victim of the situation mentioned above, you need to set boundaries.

You need to take out time for your entertainment while you are working from home. If you are living in the United States, then you do that easily. Spectrum cable TV with its Spectrum Silver Package offers unlimited entertainment to households across America at affordable rates.

Simultaneously, you need to make sure you are on your best game with your official duties.

Key Takeaways

Remote working can be hard only if you have not set your boundaries, maintained your routine, kept distractions at a distance, and dedicated a proper work home set up for yourself.