WordPress Hosting vs. Web Hosting – What’s the Difference?

Web hosting is the most critical part of going online. There is an assortment of web hosting plans to choose from WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller Hosting and so on.

Picking a good web hosting plan goes a long way in managing your website, and there is a lot to choose from. Choosing an appropriate hosting plan is like choosing a place to set up a shop.

You need to think of a lot of things like:

  • If the neighborhood would be appropriate?
  • Would it be fairly accessible?
  • Is the lease reasonable?

It’s the same with choosing a web hosting plan for your site, just in technical terms:

  • Is the server bandwidth okay?
  • Would it be able to handle the site’s load?
  • How is the load speed?
  • Is it cost-friendly?

You must be clear with “what you need” and “what you get” when choosing a web hosting plan.

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The most common dilemma among users is to choose between regular web hosting or WordPress hosting. Let’s clear it up, shall we?

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a type of internet service where the service provider allots a space on a server where technologies and service tools for a website to be seen can be provided.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is a sub-type of web hosting where the hosting provider pre-configures normal web hosting for a WordPress powered website.

What is the Difference?

Regular web hosting and WordPress hosting aren’t that different from each other performance-wise. You can build a WordPress-powered site on any Linux-based web hosting. It won’t be too difficult for you if you have good technical knowledge regarding the same. The only difference that may set them apart is that you would not receive WordPress-specific services on a normal web hosting from the hosting provider. You have various perks like automatic updates, access to themes or plugins, one-click installation, WordPress cloud etc. on WordPress hosting which are reflected in the extra price charged. So, even if you get value features like SSD drive, optimized performance, etc. on normal web hosting, you have to do the rest by yourself.

Web Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Let’s compare Web Hosting and WordPress hosting neck-to-neck based on some parameters.


Web Hosting:

You get the basic package deal including server space, domain, and you won’t get much assistance with your WordPress configuration. The quality of web hosting would depend on the hosting provider. But the services regarding WordPress configuration are almost inexistent and limited to a few hosting providers like MilesWeb. Meaning you have to configure your website for WordPress all on your own.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting comes with a myriad of features and services that complement a WordPress-powered website. These include dedicated technical support, advanced WordPress configuration like “NGINX” and “PHP7”, automatic updates and so on. Not to mention the pre-configuration of website for WordPress platform that has click-and-run features.


Web Hosting:

Being the most basic hosting service, web hosting has the cheapest and most affordable plans in the market. Costs differ according to different service providers.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting is a managed hosting service that is more expensive considering the extra services and perks it grants the users. Once again the plans vary among different service providers.


Web Hosting:

Regular Web hosting provides basic security like SSL, Firewalls, Access Restriction, SSH and so on. These are security measures in place against the most obvious security threats against malware, user privacy and such.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress Hosting provides additional security than normal web hosting by placing advanced security protocols in place customized especially for WordPress sites.

Ease of Management

Web Hosting:

Web hosting needs exhaustive management by the user and is more suited to experienced users with a development background. You need to manage plugins, updates and everything else to keep your WordPress site up and running without a hitch.

WordPress Hosting:

You get full support from the hosting provider if you are not well-versed in WordPress. Being a type of managed web hosting service, there isn’t much concern for the user as the hosting provider manages everything for you.


Web Hosting:

The performance of a website on a regular web hosting is dependant largely on the proficiency of the user. The management of website resources, web traffic, content delivery network (CDN) all have to be taken care of by the user to maximize site performance.

WordPress Hosting:

WordPress hosting gives an optimum performance as it is managed by professionals and rarely has any issues regarding the same. All of the maintenance is done in the backend leaving very small room for fluctuations in the performance.

To Summarize

Web hosting is for users who have a limited budget and good knowledge of WordPress and also technical expertise to handle Linux based web hosting.

However, if you are not that familiar with WordPress and want an easily manageable hosting choice and you don’t mind paying a bit extra, you should choose WordPress Hosting.