Why would anyone want to reset their WordPress Site?


Have you ever want to start over with a clean site? Are you trying new themes on your site or testing plugins compatibility? This is when you might want to reset your WordPress site

While developing an excellent site for you or for your client, you will have to try plugins and themes until you get the one you were looking for. You may want to install 3 or 4 different plugins for the same functionality before you decide on the one. Here deleting plugin sone by one is a real-time killer so you may want to reset your site frequently. 

After testing a lot of different plugins and themes, you might realize that you need to start over. What to do? How do you reset your WordPress site?

Reset WordPress Site

In order to manually uninstall and reinstall WordPress, you better to try a different method that is more accurate and fast. You can use the WP Reset plugin to reset any WordPress sites within a few seconds. 

Install WP Reset

It’s time to install WP Reset on your site. Just follow these steps to install.

  1. Log in to your site and go to the dashboard
  2. Go to plugins then click add new
  3. Search for WP Reset and install the plugin WP Reset – Best WordPress Reset Plugin by WebFactory Ltd.
  4. Install and activate the plugin

Reset your Site

Once you installed the site, you can proceed by resetting your WordPress site. Follow these simple steps to reset your site.

  1. Go to tools and select WP Reset.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. Type Reset in the confirmation field and click on the “reset WordPress” button to start the process.

That’s it. Now you will be logged out of the site. You can log in to your site with your current username and password. 

Note that resetting will delete all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, media entries, users so it is better to take a complete website backup before proceeding with WP Reset Plugin.