Noob Guide To Hack Nintendo New3ds / 3ds With A Micro Sd Card

Nintendo consoles are very popular in everyday life. Do you know that this family of consoles that are New3DS and 3DS have already been cracked by a R4 3DS kaart with a micro SD card? Many players are looking for a way to hack their 3DS console, today you can find a simple guide to play free Nintendo games on a 3DS version 11.9.0-42.

The jailbreak history of the 3DS

Before the Nintendo 3DS hack, a R4 3DS flashcard managed to hack the Nintendo DS, DSi, DS Lite, 2DS to play free NDS games. After Nintendo releases the Nintendo 3DS, the R4 3DS card can run directly on the Nintendo 3DS, but it only supports DS games. All that to say that the R4 3DS card can not read freely the games of the 3DS. If you want to play NDS, GBA and SNES games freely, you can buy a R4 3DS card. Here is a guide to help you choose a good R4 card.

In fact, it’s harder to hack a Nintendo 3DS to freely support 3DS games. We have good news. Here is the result of different groups here:

  • In mid-December 2012 the Australian seller of modified consoles OzModChips posted an image on Twitter that shows a 3DS console with two screens on, simply displaying “WE HAVE HACKED IT”. They made a point in order to point out that they had no input with the hackers, they were only the messengers. This led to a great stir and some suspicion on the internet when the websites reacted to the news. Later, the credibility of the find was confirmed by veterans including Nemoid, Crediar and Yellows8, who later explained that a saved game exploit is responsible for the success of code execution.
  • Later, in late May 2013, news began to surface about a new team that appeared as Gateway 3DS. Rumor had it that they had a working flashcard for the system that allowed users to use (illegal) ROM dumps.
    In 2014, the website revealed a new product, the Sky3DS, which allowed to play freely the games of the 3DS on the latest firmwares of the 3DS.

Hacking a Nintendo 3DS with a micro SD card

How to hack a Nintendo 3DS console to play freely 3DS games, with a micro SD card? There are two solutions: a Gateway 3DS card and a Sky3ds+ flashcard.

Gateway 3DS to play 3DS games

As we know, the Gateway 3DS is the first flashcard to have been used to freely play 3DS games. It can also work perfectly on the New3DS (XL, LL), the 2DS. How to crack the Nintendo 3DS with a Gateway 3DS micro SD card?

Before you get a Gateway 3DS, make sure the version of your 3DS system is between 4.1 and 10.2. If you have already updated your 3ds firmware for the latest 3DS 11.9 release, then the Gateway 3DS will not work for you.

The 3DS gateway comes from a powerful team. This map is a bit complex for neophytes. The 3DS Gateway uses the 3DS profile bug to hecker the 3DS system. Because the profile of the 3DS only has bug between versions 4.1 and 10.2 of the firmware of the 3DS.

Sky3ds+ makes the 3DS games work freely

There is a new Sky3ds+ card, totally different from the Gateway 3DS. Firstly the Sky3ds+ is easier to handle. Secondly, the Sky3ds+ is compatible with the latest 3DS 11.9.0-42 firmware, it does not have the limitations of the 3DS system. In addition, the Sky3ds+ has only one card to freely run the games of the 3DS.

Here is the tutorial to play the games of the 3DS with a Sky3ds+:

  • Before you get a Sky3ds+, you must also have a micro SD card to save the game data. Please take a micro SD card with a size between 8 GB and 128 GB. Then format the SD card with exFAT32.
  • Download the Sky3ds+ firmware version V140 from the official website, then unzip the downloaded file. You will get a directory from “firmware.bin”, drop it at the root of the micro SD card.
  • Playing 3DS games requires having ROMs, so we need to go on the internet to download 3DS game ROMs online. After downloading 3DS games in format .3ds, just put them on your micro SD card. So now, on your micro SD card, you have the firmware of the Sky3ds+ and the games you want to play.
  • Insert your SD crate into your Sky3ds+ card. Put your Sky3ds+ card in the Nintendo 3DS console.
  • Have fun with the free games of the 3DS, you can change the game just by going back or forward with the two orange buttons.