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White Hat SEO: What Are Good SEO Techniques?

Having a website is necessary to promote your business. However, to achieve the desired goal, the site must be well referenced and well optimized: think white hat SEO!

The objective is to occupy the first ranks of search engines, and in particular results on Google. An SEO technique, known as white hat SEO, is often recommended for a natural and secure optimization of a site. But concretely, what do we mean by White Hat SEO? And what are the right methods to adopt to make the most of the benefits of this SEO technique? We answer all these questions in this article.

White hat SEO: Definition and Benefits

White hat SEO is a set of SEO practices that employs Google rules and guidelines to improve a site’s SEO. This method differs from black hat SEO by its ability to offer the site a better position on search engines while remaining legal.

The white hat SEOBRISK solution offers several advantages. It is first of all a legal technique that protects the site that uses it against possible sanctions from Google.

This alternative is also a permanent solution. White hat SEO techniques allow a company, brand or activity to gradually build a good online reputation, drive more site traffic and reach intended targets.

White hat SEO, Black hat SEO, gray hat SEO: What Are The Differences?

It should be understood that there are several methods of referencing websites. However, the use of black hat and gray hat practices is often prohibited by Google.

Black hat SEO is the set of strategies intended only for Google’s machines and algorithms to obtain the best position. Using this technique allows faster referencing, but over a shorter period of time. In addition, the site that uses this method may be sanctioned by Google when the latter notices the maneuver.

Black hat SEO often results in:

  • Posting duplicate content;
  • use of doorway pages;
  • the creation of thousands of links;
  • The use of scripting.

As for gray hat SEO, it is a strategy that unites the techniques of white hat and black hat. This referencing method often respects Google’s algorithms while using other optimization techniques such as link buying, registering old or expired domain names, or registering the site in a directory. When not mastered, the technique of gray hat SEO can also be sanctioned by Google.

White hat SEO: the Fundamental Techniques to Know

How Do SEO Resellers Perform White Hat SEO To Boost Rankings?

In order to best design your white hat SEO strategy, you must familiarize yourself with the essential techniques related to this solution. Here are five basic things to know.

1. Distribute Quality Content

“Content is king” is the first rule to respect to properly optimize a website. It is therefore essential to regularly create quality articles for your site. To comply with Google’s algorithms, content must:

  • Answer the user’s questions;
  • be unique, without plagiarism;
  • contain at least 1000 words;
  • be well written, with no spelling mistakes or syntax errors;
  • Be well structured with short headings and paragraphs.

2. Take Care of the Keywords

By definition, keywords are words or series of words, related to an activity of the best seo for mobile app, typed by Internet users during their search on Google. In this sense, to be well referenced on the web, the content published on a site must contain key expressions. The objective is to enable Internet users to quickly find the site using a specific keyword.

Several tools are available online to find relevant keywords for a given activity. Nevertheless, it should be noted that these key expressions should not be used excessively in a text. For best results, they are often placed in headings, in Meta tags, and sometimes in text paragraphs.

3. Obtain Relevant Backlinks

The white hat SEO solution also allows the implementation of a link building strategy. Indeed, Google considers that links are proof of the reliability and quality of content. There are two types of links to use to optimize a website: internal links on the one hand, and external links on the other. The first designates the links that connect the contents of the same site. The second, on the other hand, indicates exchanges of links between two different sites. There are several ways to get external links.

Here are a few:

  • Link exchanges;
  • guest blogging;
  • Link baiting.

4. Optimize Site Loading Speed

To be well referenced by Google, it is also necessary to reduce the bounce rate on the site as much as possible. The bounce rate is defined by the rate of visitors immediately leaving a site without visiting other pages on the site.

To retain visitors, you must:

  • Take care of the appearance of the site (its structure, its design, etc.);
  • ensure that the site is loaded quickly regardless of the internet connection and the device used (phone, tablet, computer);
  • Pay particular attention to the accessibility of the site by managing the links.

5. Improve Site Navigation

For a site to be well analyzed by Google, it must also be well structured and easy to find. To do this, it is first necessary that the pages of the site are unique, functional, pleasant to see and responsive.

A well-structured site must also at least contain a home page, an offers page, a contact page, an “about” page and other useful pages, without overdoing it.

Finally, a structured site is a site with content respecting languages ​​understandable by Google. Consequently, an article published on the web must use html languages, respect the use of different tags and properly optimize image, PDF or video content.