Which One Is In More Demand-Angularjs Or Reactjs?

Which One Is In More Demand-Angularjs Or Reactjs?

Welcome to the world of technologies! Do you want to know which front-end web framework between AngularJS and ReactJS is the most useful and popular? This article “Which one is in more demand AngularJS or ReactJS?” will give you enough information. It’s an especially difficult choice. AngularJS and ReactJS are on the top of the front-end mountain but lots of people still don’t know what’s better for their project. A newcomer wants to know who is in greater demand all over the world.

It might be useful to give a little background here.

Brief Overview

You will notice, these frameworks are accessible with great features. They operate like a heaven for developers who want to develop internet sites or applications for their customers. It must be said that AngularJS and ReactJS are both based on JS which is a famous programming language to establish web apps. Choosing a front-end development framework is a major for development as it facilitates and accelerates the procedure. Angular and React are two well-known instruments for web development. They are commonly used by famous firms. And now, I want to present to you the difference and benefits of these frameworks.


First, let me explicate a brief history of this framework. AngularJS is a framework that has an open access and based on HTML and JS. Many studies have shown that this framework is created and identified by a very big company called Google. As usual, there is a large and growing community that supports this framework. It is clear from the facts that this framework is generally used for developing active web apps. AngularJS development provides a boost to the web app development of the projects.

Pros And Cons Of Angularjs

Two-Way Data Binding

It has some capabilities for a quicker and easy data binding which doesn’t need a developer to interfere at all. This process guarantees that changes created to the view part will be immediately demonstrated in the model and in another way.

Better Server Performance

This operation means that the server performs greatly to the decreased traffic and that’s why it only helps with static files.

DOM Manipulation

AngularJS appropriately assists the developer in proactively manipulating DOM than other JS frameworks.

Responsive Web

With the help of this process, AngularJS can load quicker internet sites as well as apps.

The MVVM Architecture

This architecture is one of the strongest fundamentals for app performance. Using these divisions, the information is divided from design and visual display which makes it easier to control.

Fast- Developing

If you want to learn fast, you can very quickly and simply learn AngularJS.

Cons Of AngularJS

Like everything in this life, technologies have their pros and cons.

The Scopes

It is often said that scopes can be difficult for entities to control if it is your first experience with AngularJS.  But one of the main difficult tasks would be the debugging of the scopes.

Another Important Characteristic

Actually, directives are complicated to use. Also lots of functions like dependency injections can be difficult for developers from the beginning.

Difficult Learning

To be honest, this can be difficult in getting adjusted to the framework. Additionally, the limited document access may further influence the educational process.


You must admit that ReactJS is a forceful library that is used for creating the user experience. Many people claim that this is a wonderful instrument to craft different elements, for example, search string, on-screen lists, buttons, and other elements.

Research has found that this library is generally used for the craft industry internet sites and web apps. It’s no secret that it is supported by a group of developers and other people are involved.


Pros And Cons Of ReactJS

To be successful, efficient in the web business it is important to keep pace with advanced technologies.

Pros of this library

JSX Elements

JSX elements do interesting coding. In fact, it shows how elements are blocked or combined with.


React’s native instruments are provided for testing and debugging code.

Prompt Performance

You will notice that using consists of methods to reduce the number of DOM. Its operations help to improve the updating procedure.

Cons Of ReactJS

Learning Period

Being not a full-featured framework it is required an in-depth understanding of the combination of user interface and a free library into the MVC framework.

Big Library

React’s great size library.


It is one of the cons of ReactJS. It should be found in ‘Model’ and ‘Controller’ to choose the ‘View’ difficulty.

JSX Documentation

Research has found that developers hate JSX React’s documentation because manuals are hard for beginners’ understanding.

Which One Is In More Demand- Angularjs Or Reactjs?

The ReactJS and the AngularJS both are powerful and comparative best in their field. So, in my opinion, AngularJS is in more demand. There are a lot of versions of this framework. You can see how Angular develops itself from time to time. There are huge companies where demand for AngularJS is still on high. I recommend you to use AngularJS.


So, it is the end, I hope that this talk has given you more useful info. Choosing a framework or library completely depends on your project level, specifications, and your intentions. Every framework or library has some pros and cons, the same as React and Angular which you’ve read in this article. I believe this article will help you in your work.