What Software Developers can Do for Your Business

What Software Developers can Do for Your Business

Wondering why software development positions are on the rise? Here are some business tips that can answer that question.

Looking for a new career in the world of technology? With the current reliance on digitisation set to grow exponentially as we move into the future, software development will play a key role in designing what that future looks like. They shape technology, creating programs to fit into our daily needs. When applied to the world of business, a software developer can offer you insights and solutions that you never even saw coming.

Let’s talk more about this role and how it can impact your business for the better.

A brief overview of Software Development

For those still in the dark, a software developer is someone who creates the systems that businesses need to make progress. They are the people who create exciting video games, yes, but they are also the coders behind the apps linked to your favourite companies. They create programs that solve problems, save time, or increase production. They are behind the mass digitisation of the office as we know it today.

What Can I Expect To Earn As A Software Developer And Which Languages Pay The Most?

If you do decide this exciting world of modern-day-inventors is ideal for you, then you ought to be aware that certain key skills pay more than others. There are common scripts that developers use to code with, such as JAVA and Java Script. Both are high paying, but not so high paying as C++ and Python. Swift is a recent language that is also making strides.

As to what you can expect to earn, jobs in software development fluctuate between £40,000 and over the £100,000 mark. In the US, roles in software dev featuring python can pay $125,000. In the UK, a Python programmer can earn an average salary of £70,000.

Advantages of Software Development in Business

Software development is useful for businesses that want to save money. Here are a few advantages.

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Customised Software

Imagine how much time your business wastes filling in documents in Excel or iOS. Now think about how much time you could save if you introduced a software system that filled in your data from other input. If you could scan documents, instead of typing them in, for example, a software system could extrapolate the rest. Customised software could save your business all that time and effort.

Business Automation

The more of the small day-to-day tasks you can optimise, the less your time is taken up by other things. You are free to make more money and automated software systems complete those tedious tasks.

Streamlined Products and Manufacturing

A software developer looks at every aspect of the production process in the hopes that they can speed it up, streamline against waste, or cut out labour intensive roles.

Optimises Processes

In the same way, they can scour all aspects of your business to find areas with room for improvement. It is this essential role which will see software development increase in importance in the working world.