What Does a Software Developer Do and Does it Pay Well?

What Does a Software Developer Do and Does it Pay Well?

Looking for a new career in the tech arts? A job as a software developer could be just what you need.

Software development is big business. For the last decade or so, the software developer has been responsible for the arrival of some of the best ever entertainment possible. DevOps are behind big-name branded games and games consoles. They power our online streaming and even find innovative ways for movie producers to air their works of art. However, the typical software developer works on far more standard fare.

Software developers create the systems that businesses use to progress. They take the information given to them by data scientists and analysts, and they use that information to produce systems that solve business problems. Let’s find out more about what exactly a software developer does and whether or not it would be worth your time as a new career. Hint: it is.

What is the Role of a Software Developer in Business?

Clearly, a software developer develops new software – but what does that translate to in the business world? The business world needs new software on a continual basis. Not only do they need new software to tackle business problems, but they also need to maintain that software once it is created. Enter the software developer.

The developer consults with the data analysts to identify the business problems they could potentially fix. Next, they take that information away and work on solutions. They write and test code based on those problems and solutions. They then consistently improve upon their software model. Using software development, you could create a software program that performs automated business tasks to speed production and free up employee time.

Roles of the software development team include:

  • Developing existing programs and creating new ones
  • Writing and testing code in various program languages
  • Rolling out programs in the workplace
  • Communicate and collaborate with other technicians
  • Researching and designing of software
  • Evaluation and ongoing maintenance of their new programs

Now let’s get to the good part: is it worth your while to pursue a career in software development? Let’s find out.

How to Choose the Right Developer Job for You Based on Skills, Salary

What can I expect to earn as a Software Developer and which Languages pay the most?

An entry level software developer who has no experience can expect to start off at £20k per annum. As your skills progress, so will you. The average UK wage for this role is around £500 per week, which works out to £26k per year. However, this is just for entry level work. Those with a good understanding of multiple programming languages can earn upwards of £100k per year.

Some of the software development languages that pay the most include:

  • Elixir is rumoured to be the best paying language in the UK, with an average £79k salary
  • Rust pays around £40k per year
  • Java pays a little shy of £40k per annum
  • C++ and Python are both paying £39k per year
  • Scala also pays highly, at 49k yearly salary