Machine Learning Projects That Will Get You Hired

Machine Learning Projects That Will Get You Hired

What’s the most practical technology out there? Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly! It’s none other than Machine Learning or ML. This field offers better than expected salaries and unlocks tremendous growth opportunities. All that it takes, in turn, are extensive preparations and demonstrated experience in ML algorithms and related frameworks.

Gone are the days when ML was a relatively newer domain with a few job opportunities. Nowadays, it is one of the industries offering the highest number of jobs worldwide. However, with increasing opportunities, competition is also hiking. And you need to prove your worth to get an ML job in a reputed company.

So, how do you prove yourself valuable to the recruiters? Or, more precisely, how do you set yourself apart from the massive pool of applicants to a job? Through hands-on training, simple! Woah! What’s that? Through such an integrated session, an individual can get better exposure to ML and learn the concepts by doing some Machine Learning projects.

Now, you might be wondering about the top ML projects that will get you hired. That’s our point of discussion here! Let’s dive in and learn something new today.

Why Should You Make Machine Learning Projects?

Are you still unsure of the benefits of building Machine Learning projects? We’ve got your back if it’s a yes!

Here are some reasons to prove the importance of doing projects before applying to a Machine Learning job. Watch out!

  • Clears Your Concept

Practical exposure builds a concrete concept: everyone knows it. So, you can efficiently grasp ML principles by undertaking a few projects. Watching the theoretical aspects in action will help you in remembering them for the most prolonged time.

  • Gives Confidence

The hands-on experience completes your training. Also, not everyone makes ML projects during their learning session. So, making Machine Learning assignments will give you a sense of confidence regarding your preparations. Such self-trust can push you through even the most critical phases of your life.

  • Makes You Different

Almost everyone is a pro in theoretical knowledge of Machine Learning. However, only a few candidates spare time building various projects. So, you can distinguish yourself from the pool by investing in making some cutting-edge ML assignments.

  • Build Your Resume

Projects and accomplishments are always a plus in a resume. Since Machine Learning is a practical domain, nothing can edge your curriculum vitae more than building some concrete projects. Furthermore, you can keep creating more projects to skyrocket your CV in almost no time.

  • Validate Your Knowledge to Recruiters

The interview panelists love to find Machine Learning projects in a resume and prefer asking questions from those assignments to verify your knowledge. According to numerous top-notch companies, developing these projects in a group implies that you possess a teamwork spirit, an essential skill.

Machine Learning projects can open doors to exceptional professional success. However, you would require some ideas to work upon and make captivating assignments. Let’s explore some of them!

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Top 10 Machine Learning Projects That Will Make You Employed!

Yes, you’ve read it right. The projects below will shape your career pathway and get you into the best companies hiring Machine Learning professionals.

Choose any of the below Machine Learning projects and confirm the chances of selection in your dream company. Let’s dive in!

  • Predict the Price of Houses

How about building a project that predicts the price of houses depending on their dimensions and location? Sounds interesting, right?

You can leverage Machine Learning algorithms and regression analysis to build such a project using a prebuilt dataset. Such data sheets are available on leading websites like Kaggle and allow you to use them for training the ML model.

  • Predict Wine Quality

You can build a wine quality prediction project using ML. Such a task involves using a database of fixed acidity, alcohol, density, and so on. Furthermore, training your model using classification or regression techniques will develop a flawless assignment in the blink of an eye.

  • Identify Chances of Heart Diseases

Using a 10-year dataset of coronary heart diseases, your model will identify the chances of such illness. Such a project can revolutionize healthcare based on several dependent factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, diabetes, etc.

  • Analyzing Sentiment on Twitter Data

For a brand, understanding customer sentiment on Twitter about their business is essential. You can prepare an ML model to take up streaming data from Twitter and analyze users’ emotions via Tweets, and it will help ventures understand customer expectations about their offerings.

  • Classification of Breast Cancer

Is a breast tumor benign or malignant? That’s the most prominent concern among patients and doctors. So, you can create a model to segregate such health issues by training it through a readymade breast cancer dataset.

  • Weather Forecasting Model

Yet another fascinating ML project is the weather forecasting model. It uses a massive weather database for training and gives accurate results based on various parameters like humidity and wind speed. You can configure the assignment to provide the forecast for a week or month.

  • Spam Email Classifier

We all get spam emails and find it difficult to identify them until opening. Is there a way to classify such mails algorithmically? Luckily, yes! You can build a spam email classifier project by using a standard database to train the ML model. This project will take up new emails and label the spam ones separately.

  • Movie Recommendation System

Did you ever find recommendations on Netflix? You can replicate such a model that analyzes a user watchlist and suggest a movie in a similar genre from a massive library. This project uses a movie recommendation dataset to train the model and consumes real-life video choices to offer the best movies.

Phew! That was a roller-coaster ride. Hopefully, all these ideas might have fueled you to take up at least one project, build it, and impress your recruiters. So, why are you waiting? Choose any topic and leave no stone unturned in joining the best Machine Learning companies in the world. Good luck!