Knowledge And Skill Set Required For Running A Successful Hosting Business

Knowledge And Skill Set Required For Running A Successful Hosting Business

Reseller Web Hosting business is a cost-efficient and hassle-free way of entering the web hosting industry. With an exponential increase in the number of websites over the last decade, there has been a corresponding jump in demand for good web hosting services. As a Hosting Reseller, you have an amazing opportunity to create a profitable business by offering hosting packages tailored to a specific market segment and adding a personal touch to all client communications. While a lot has been said about Hosting Resellers not needing to be technical experts, you do need certain knowledge and skills to succeed as a Hosting Reseller.

What Is Reseller Hosting?

A Hosting Reseller purchases resources like server space and bandwidth from a web host, creates multiple smaller packages and sells them to his clients. The server and all associated hardware and software are maintained by the hosting company, and the reseller merely needs to manage his clients and their requirements. Hence, detailed knowledge of server architecture or maintenance is not needed to be a successful Hosting Reseller.

What Knowledge Or Skills Does A Hosting Reseller Need?

Here is a list of the skills and knowledge that you will need to succeed as a Hosting Reseller:

1. Business Skills

To establish any business and give it a strong foundation, you need to conduct market research and create a business plan. This requires:

  • Decision-Making Skills – to determine the target segment that you want to focus on. While it is tempting to try and sell to anyone who needs a hosting service, a focused approach offers a stronger foundation.
  • Analytical Skills – to assess the competition, identify pain areas that can be resolved quickly, and determine the upfront expenses and the costs of running and managing the business.
  • Industry Knowledge – a clear understanding and detailed knowledge of the web hosting landscape, including client expectations, what hosting companies offer and the average pricing for specific services.
  • Basic Billing & Accounting Skills – Since most Hosting Resellers start small, they need to have some basic skills in all aspects of the business. Billing and accounting are critical aspects that require skills like:
    • Maintaining records of sales, expenses, accounts payables and accounts receivables.
    • Basic business management skills
    • Online billing systems like WHMCS

2. Technical Skills

Although you don’t need to an expert, you must have a basic understanding of:

  • The hardware, infrastructure, and equipment used in providing web hosting
  • Applications or any software used as a Hosting Reseller
  • A good understanding of how the internet works and how to use it optimally
  • Maintaining and managing hosting accounts
  • Functions and operations of the control panel like cPanel
  • Basic troubleshooting and technical skills to answer simple client queries

3. Personal Attributes

Apart from business and technical skills, you also need some personality traits to succeed as a reseller. They are:

  • Communication Skills – Site owners prefer a host who prefers communicating with their clients. Most site owners are not technically proficient and have a lot of doubts and queries. An effective communicator can ensure that the clients feel there is someone who they can talk to for any issue.
  • Patience – Web hosting is a business that requires constant effort around the year. The business grows steadily over time as your brand gets recognized as a reliable and trustworthy hosting service. You also need patience while dealing with first-time site owners who can have a number of questions before buying a service.
  • Dedication – There are no holidays in web hosting. Be it a Sunday or late at night, you need to be available to your clients and help them provide uninterrupted website services to their customers.

Summing Up

If you are starting a Reseller Hosting business, then it is important to remember that you might need to be more technically skilled if the hosting company does not offer technical support to your clients. Also, strong business skills and personality traits that suit a service-driven industry make for a successful Hosting Reseller. Good Luck!