Digital Mailroom the Best Solution for Your Organization? Digital mailroom solutions

Digital Mailroom the Best Solution for Your Organization? Digital mailroom solutions

On a corporate scale, a digital mailroom solution is imperative.  Paper mail is digitized, making it available electronically, to process incoming communications faster and more efficiently. A digital mailroom can help you with both paper mail and email.

Incoming paper mail is slowing down your company, probably more than you think. Physical mail is still a burden for your organization – and it isn’t going away anytime soon. According to the US Postal Service, 27 billion pieces of paper B2B mail was delivered in 2016. All that mail represents millions of streamlining opportunities. And, depending on your company’s size, many thousands to millions of dollars of bottom-line savings. 

Many stores and businesses keep track of sales and customers using technology and software. Through scanners, point of sale tools, cameras, and even tablets, workers across a diverse and vast range of businesses use digital devices to get things done every minute. A vast majority of customers enjoy the convenience. If you are an enterprise that wants to stay in the game, you may have to invoke a digital mailroom solution just to compete.

80% of the mail your organization receives is transactional, not social. It requires action from operational workgroups. By digitizing inbound mail at its point of entry, everything moves faster, with more control, at a lower cost. And Eco-Mail seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, enterprise-wide. Labor. Infrastructure. Transportation. Downstream duplication and scanning. Inefficient use of higher-cost resources. The liabilities add up. And conventional email can’t solve the physical mail dilemma. 

Paper mail is difficult to control. It can be delivered to the wrong person or department, become available to someone who is not authorized to see it, or get stolen or misplaced en route to its destination. Sending scans through regular email is excellent for individuals. But your operational workgroups require managed queues, tracked processing, compliance monitoring, automated, and searchable audit trails. Group emails are, mostly, operations and compliance nightmares – incredibly challenging to manage and maintain controls. Risks associated with such a wide margin for error are reduced by implementing a trusted digital mailroom solution. Eco-mail, unlike email, was explicitly designed to solve this problem.

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Once mail gets delivered, departments sub-sort it and resend it again. Interoffice mail drives the high cost. A large amount of inbound mail ends up getting hand-delivered not once, but twice – while still on paper. But nobody cares about the article. They care about the content.

As technology continues to advance, and the demands for less human contact rises, digital mailroom solutions are becoming more and more necessary. Many companies have their employees working from home. The companies prepared for this have been able to keep the workflow continuing throughout the pandemic. Be prepared. Contact Eco-Mail and find out how much you could gain from having a concise digital transformation.