How To Deal With Very Bad Portfolio Background Images?

How To Deal With Very Bad Portfolio Background Images?

So, you’re stuck with a bad portfolio background. Maybe the colors are clashy, or the overall aesthetic is not quite right. Maybe it’s too busy or too bland. Whatever the reason, you’re not happy with it – and that’s a big problem because your portfolio is supposed to reflect your work. So how do you deal with a background that just isn’t working?

There are a few different strategies you can try. Removing unnecessary elements until it feels clean and streamlined. You might be surprised how much better your photos look with a simpler background.

If streamlining doesn’t work or the colors are just not working for you, try changing them altogether. This can be done easily in most editing software programs. Play around with different color schemes until you find something that compliments your photos and makes them pop.

Another option is to use a textured background instead of a solid color. This can add depth and interest to an otherwise flat photo. Many free textures are available online, or you can create your own by photographing textured surfaces like wood grain or stone.

Finally, if all else fails, you can always crop out the background entirely. This may seem like a drastic measure, but sometimes it’s necessary to get rid of a distracting element to focus on the photo’s subject. If you decide to go this route, be sure to crop carefully so that you don’t accidentally cut off part of the subject as well.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to transform even the worst portfolio backgrounds into something that reflects your unique style and showcases your best work. So go forth and experiment – your perfect portfolio is waiting!

Best Ways To Sell Your Images Online On A WordPress Site

Wondering how to make money as a photographer? There are several ways to sell your images online. With a WordPress site, you can use several plugins and themes to create an online portfolio, sell prints and digital downloads, and even offer products and services such as photo workshops and private tours. Here are some of the best ways to sell your images online using WordPress:

  1. Use a WordPress Directory Theme: A WordPress directory theme will help you create an online portfolio that is easy to navigate and searchable by keyword. This is a great way to showcase your work and make it easy for potential buyers to find the images they want.
  2. Use an E-Commerce Plugin: An e-commerce plugin will allow you to add a shopping cart and checkout system to your WordPress site so that you can sell physical or digital products.
  3. Sell Prints: Use a WordPress theme or plugin to set up a system for selling prints of your photos. This can be done through an online print service or installing a system to print and ship the prints yourself.
  4. Sell Digital Downloads: If you prefer to sell digital products such as ebooks, graphics, or software, it is one of the best ways to earn money from your photography website.
  5. Offer Services: In addition to selling products, you can also use your WordPress site to offer services such as photo workshops or private tours.
  6. Collect donations: If you’re a nonprofit organization or artist, you can use your WordPress site to collect donations.
  7. Advertise Your Work: Use your WordPress site to advertise your photography services or products. This can be done through banner ads, text links, or even by adding an affiliate program to your site.
  8. Send Newsletters: A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with past clients and let them know about new products or services that you’re offering. With a WordPress site, you can collect email addresses using a plugin.
  9. Use a WordPress gallery lightbox plugin: By using the WordPress gallery lightbox plugin, you can easily showcase your images on your WordPress site in a lightbox popup. This is a great way to display your work more professionally and make it easy for potential buyers to view multiple images simultaneously.

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Now you know how to sell your images online, so get started today and start earning money from your photography!

Note: If you want a reliable WordPress gallery plugin, then always go for FooGallery because it is an easy-to-use gallery plugin and one of the most popular ones. You can also create amazing portfolio background images with the help of the FooGallery plugin.


Bad portfolio backgrounds can be a pain, but with a little creativity and effort, you can turn them into something that enhances your photos and showcases your work in the best light possible.

If anyone wants to earn money from photography, he should start using WordPress, as it is one of the best ways to sell photos online. Always try to use the FooGallery plugin, as it is very easy to use and one of the best plugins available.