Exploring Some New Sharepoint Features

Exploring Some New Sharepoint Features

SharePoint is developed a lot in the recent few years. Microsoft has added some very useful new features in it to make the use more engaged in the online digital workplace.

Microsoft is still continuously increasing its workability and adding new features to improve the standard of work quality through SharePoint. We at AlRafay International are working to provide you with top-quality consultation on how to use these new features more effectively and guide you to make the most out of SharePoint Workspace.

SharePoint users interact with the items placed in the virtual space in the Microsoft SharePoint, they use a system to access these digital assets in the digital space. Microsoft continues to improve the productivity of this system to make user interaction more effective and accessible on its online platform.

They are making it more user friendly by focusing on the area of intelligent search and increasing its capabilities to an advanced level. Besides these intelligent search capabilities, they are focusing on some other important aspects of digital workspace features. Other areas of focus for them are Navigation changes and some updates to the management forms for users. They are working hard to update the user interface and integration with Office 365 services by updating the enterprise content management platform.

Here we take a look at some of the new features in SharePoint Online which were introduced in recent years:

The Integration With Microsoft Intelligent Search

In this period of technology, there are a lot of online platforms for different types of uses and storing and transferring your data from one digital place to another. We have a classic way of transferring data online through emails, which is an old and classic way of doing things. We can send pictures, MS Word files, MS Excel files, presentations prepared on MS PowerPoint, PDF format files and Zip files and folders.

Apart from emails for transferring and sometimes storing data, we have other advanced and more data type oriented digital spaces to store the data online. These platforms include SharePoint and OneDrive and many other similar kinds of platforms.

People use all of the above digital platforms to store data online but at the same time face some difficulty locating certain files in emails, SharePoint or OneDrive. Microsoft is coming up with a plan to release an AI content search engine which is being called Project Cortex. This will solve this problem to a good extent.

REIT Document Management System - Al Rafay Global

The service intended to be offered with this tool includes an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithmic design that will interact with Office 365 content to produce search results that are not based on keyword-based searches. Instead of keyword-based searches, the Artificial Intelligence search engine will shift through all accessible data within the Office 365 ecosystem and the queries will be using natural language instead of specific keywords to search a particular thing.

The benefit of this kind of new feature will be that it will save time and reduce the effort when searching through the results inside of this digital platform such as SharePoint and emails content. The things such as contracts or presentations of other digital assets will be searched more efficiently and easily.

This program of Project Cortex has been made available since the last year (2021). The end-users are able to locate the AI search box at the middle of the top of the page in all the SharePoint web pages on signing into the SharePoint intranet.

Yammer Facelift

Yammer is an enterprise social networking platform. It enables users with the same email domain to connect with one another. With SharePoint Yammer received a much-needed facelift. SharePoint and Yammer work in conjunction with each other. This conjunction works in displaying user conversation and feeds it through a web part from within SharePoint web pages. Yammer has new features now that provide users with customizable Yammer feeds. This new feature gives users the ability to filter the content to what they want to see

Sharepoint Spaces

SharePoint Spaces is another useful tool for your business website. It produces a 3D computer-generated representation of your business activities. This means online environments that combine physical reality and digital content to SharePoint lists. It enables site visitors to interact with a virtual catalogue in 3D. With this tool, you get the capability for your employee to get on board and walk through without leaving the office. Your employees get an experience of different objects and prototypes in 3D sitting in the comfort of their office chair.

SharePoint with all its new features is an incredible online tool to enhance your business management. AlRafay Consulting helps to get the maximum out of SharePoint to help your business manage real estate solutions under the supervision of our team of experts. ARC is determined to assist you in using SharePoint and other online business tools with an up to date team of experienced IT professionals.