What Is Ton (Telegram Open Network)?

What Is Ton (Telegram Open Network)?

For the vibrant and growing coin, communities Telegram is a social media platform of choice in the cryptocurrency era. There are millions of users that are using instant messaging platforms. We can say it is one of the largest messaging platforms in the world. There is the widespread use of instant messaging apps so this popularity is part of a general global trend. Up to date, there are more than 200 million active users who have sent over 70 Billion messages. To properly dive into the box into the cryptocurrency. To properly dive into the cryptocurrency telegram has the prominence and user base. Crypto wallet app can help you in different ways.

The telegram saw an opportunity for the blockchain cryptocurrency network to capitalize on the strategy of this population. You can say that it is the first widely used social network that adapted crypto and blockchain. And in the future, it will more likely draw new people to the space.

History of Telegram

In 2013 telegram was founded by Pavel Durov. He made it by working with his brother. Here let’s discuss what telegram can do. Telegram allows the users to send photos, videos, and all types of files. You can also form groups of up to 200000 members. It is also very secure as it uses a three-layer encryption system. On the other hand, when we talk about the security of WhatsApp it uses only two encryption systems. What makes telegram attractive to the millions of crypto users is the security and commitment to decentralization.

Telegram messenger LLC is in Dubai and from time to time its headquarter keeps shifting from one place to other. Security is something on which the company does not compromise. Across multiple countries, Telegram uses distributed server infrastructure. The thing that has been pushed back by certain governments, is that distribution guarantee high-level decentralization. There are many blockchain telegram channels, you can search for the best ones on the web.

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Telegram Open Network

You can refer to Telegram as something as a blockchain project that has the aim to create a fast secure and scalable ecosystem. The interesting thing is that it can handle millions of transactions per second. The main purpose of the Pavels was to create a platform that can disrupt the decentralized application space. It is done by leveraging Telegram’s worldwide user base and satisfactorily competing with Ethereum. Telegram offers a more scalable, fast, and secure blockchain network. It has now become the most anticipated blockchain project of all time.


There are many features that TON offers us like dynamic shading, tight coupling for blockchain interoperability, and multichain networks. Here we will discuss the points that Ton offers

  • Very fast
  • Secure
  • Use a BFT PoS consensus mechanism
  • Can easily handle millions of transactions per second

In the terms of completing the project’s TON, the mainnet will be a peer-to-peer network that consists of a distributed database that has a domain name system that generates domain names. It also fuses for a proxy for node privacy.