What Is 10dlc, And Why Should You Know About It?

What Is 10dlc, And Why Should You Know About It?

AT&T, a telecom carrier in the U.S, in October 2018 declared its intent to stop activating new shared short code numbers for A2P messaging. In addition, they announced that soon, they would stop supporting currently shared shortcodes in their entirety. According to Forbes, the shift is because 10DLC addresses several problems that shared shortcodes don’t solve. Besides, it offers enhanced deliverability, better customer trust, and protection for lawful marketing campaigns.

So, what does this shift mean to your brand? In this post, you’ll learn about 10DLC, A2P messaging, and the benefits of adopting 10DLC Technology.

What Is 10dlc And A2p Messaging?

10DLC is a modern technology applicable in the United States for sending Application to Person (A2P) text messaging. It’s an acronym for a ’10-digit long code’, a unique ten-digit phone number. On the other hand, A2P messaging is a modern technique that allows companies to send out text messages in volumes to multiple users concurrently.

Why Are Shared Short Codes Being Replaced?

Previously, shared SMS shortcodes were in demand owing to their low cost, speed, and volume capacity. Nevertheless, their limitations have led to their inevitable replacement by 10DLC.

  • Spam and phishing prevention: Apparently, spam resulting from a shared SMS short code proved challenging to prevent. Because many brands can share one shortcode, it becomes difficult to discover spammers.
  • The need for enhanced customer experience: Often, the consumers are the ones who suffer whenever shared short code subscribers contradict regulations by misusing keywords. Besides the poor consumer experience, the opt-in/opt-out function can be challenging or impractical to manage.

What Are the Benefits of Adopting 10DLC Technology?

So, why should you know about 10DLC and A2P messaging? Here are the main advantages of adopting 10DLC Technology:

1. Local Number Recognition

Often, customers feel comfortable engaging through a number they recognize over an ‘impersonal’ shortcode or toll-free number. Thus, using a local number for your A2P 10DLC marketing campaigns would be more acceptable and engaging to your target audience.

2. Higher SMS Message Volume

Ten-digit long code numbers can send higher SMS message volumes which are somewhere between the maximum of toll-free long codes and shortcodes.

3. Cost Savings

Often, 10DLC numbers have relatively low monthly costs compared to dedicated shortcodes. Therefore, if your company can’t pay for a short code number or doesn’t deliver enough SMS text to rationalize, paying for a shortcode has a cost-saving alternative.

4. Voice-Enabled

Apart from sending multiple SMS messages using your 10DLC number, you can also make phone calls on it. Thus, with a 10DLC number, you can give your clients a choice between text and voice offers, enhancing flexibility and convenience.

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5. Simple to Convert from Existing Landlines

You can easily convert your existing landline number to a 10DLC number as a business owner. As a result, this will permit your enterprise to continue using a number your clients recognize with additional 10DLC messaging capabilities.

6. Easy to Keep Track of Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

One key benefit of shortcodes is their capability to allow marketers to keep track of the marketing campaigns. Likewise, 10DLC numbers offer the same capabilities when it comes to tracking marketing campaigns.

7. Higher Output

Whilst long code SMS messaging was relatively cheap, in most cases, they were slow. Consequently, the delivery rate of one per second was too sluggish for extensive text messaging campaigns. 10DLC messaging, on the other hand, provides a better throughput compared to standard long code numbers. The throughput for 10DLC numbers is estimated at 100 per second, which is good for bulk messaging.

8. Enhanced Deliverability

Since telecom carriers pre-authorize 10DLC numbers, SMS messages delivered via these numbers have better chances of reaching recipients than the standard local long codes. Thus, 10DLC numbers offer better deliverability.

Final Remarks

If your business is presently using shared shortcodes for A2P marketing campaigns, it’s time you consider shifting to another technology. Sooner or later, you’ll need to make this decision as telecom carriers have started shifting to 10DLC numbers. It wouldn’t be prudent to be caught unprepared when this inevitable shift occurs. Therefore, consider the benefits your brand will gain by adopting 10DLC messaging. Some of these benefits include higher throughput, cost-savings, enhanced deliverability, its voice-enabled, and offers higher SMS message volume.