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Use these insider tips to optimize shift handover

With the emergence of cloud-based scheduling software and labor management systems in recent years, shift planning has become easier.

What was previously a time-consuming organizing effort with pencil and paper — or, if you were lucky, Word or Excel — is now a simplified and strategic tool for planning, cost control, and communication with team members.

In this post, we’ll look at the current generation of shift handover software, explore why you need it, and provide some pointers to help you effectively incorporate it into your organization.

What precisely is Shift Planning Software?

Shift planning is the act of arranging employees to work certain jobs at specific times.

If you own a restaurant, for example, shift planning is coordinating your chefs, wait-staff, and support employees such that all prep, service, including clean-up hours, are covered.

Shift planning used to be as simple as writing names and duties on a paper calendar. Most supervisors despised the demanding and time-consuming labor.

However, tablets, laptops, personal computers, cellphones, Wi-Fi, and the cloud arrived. These advancements enabled managers to have access to strong shift scheduling software.

Rather than spending hours planning and organizing everyone, busy managers can now build well-thought-out plans with labor-cost and overtime limits in a fraction of the time with only a few clicks or taps.

The advantages of Shift Planning Software

Integrates with different aspects of your company’s operations

Shift software also interfaces with other digital components of your firm, such as payroll and invoicing.

Since the information is already available, this linkage simplifies other difficult tasks. All you have to do is click a few buttons, and the data will be exported into several reports and formats.

Errors are reduced

With paper and ink — or even programs like Word and Excel — it’s all too simple to make mistakes that wreak havoc on your schedule. However, using shift planning software, the application will notify you if it identifies a mistake.

Find software that has artificial intelligence built in that keeps track of time off, hours worked, and other variables so that if you plan anything improperly, the program will inform you to make a change.

Increases accessibility

Modern, cloud-based software allows you to view your labor management data from anywhere, at any time.

You can create schedules, make adjustments, and interact with your staff whether you’re on a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop as long as you can access the internet.

It saves time

The time saved by employing shift planning software is one of the most significant advantages.

When you add scheduling software into your daily life, the simplicity and convenience of use will allow you to construct the perfect plan in minutes rather than hours.

You may use the time you save to improve the way you and your colleagues operate and drive your firm to success.

How to implement Shift Planning Software in your company

Shift handover and the permit to work - IntelliPERMIT

Make a template

Most shift handover software provides templates, which help to speed up the process even further. Make the most of this time-saving option by customizing the template to your unique requirements.

The shift slots, formatting, and other essential information are already in place when it comes time to plan the next week, month, or quarter.

This allows you to concentrate on scheduling the correct staff at the proper time and location to ensure the seamless operation of your organization.

Establish a labor budget

Labor is one of the most expensive expenditures that many businesses confront. With the correct scheduling software, you can create a labor budget that works for your business.

With those figures in mind — and in the application — you can construct a timetable that maintains your labor costs under control and budget.

If your schedule exceeds the budget you’ve specified, the application will quickly tell you, so you can make the appropriate modifications.

Prepare for the worst-case scenario

Shift planning software makes it simple to prepare for the worst-case scenario. You can establish an availability chart of employees who are willing to work an extra shift in the case of a sickness or a no-call, no-show circumstance.

You may also utilize shift log software to create a list of dependable part-time employees or employees who departed on good terms that you can contact if your “plan B” fails.

Correctly construct shifts

Structure your calendar around your finest staff, rather than starting on Monday and working your way through to Sunday.

In a restaurant, for instance, this guarantees that the staff most suited to each shift (for instance, the lunch rush or the slower night service) are available when needed.

It also guarantees that you have a solid foundation of experience on which your newer personnel may rely.

Combining some of your top staff with some of your newer employees is an excellent method to ensure consistency throughout all shifts.

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