Nox Cleaner

Nox Cleaner

Android interior cleaning is most important to keep you phone performance and battery life. Because with time, many apps, files, tasks and processes may stack. Most importantly low storage space or storage get full.

There are many reasons cause this problem. Many users keep installing new apps from play store or from advertisements they show. Many of those useless or unwanted apps may collected eating your storage space and other resources like CPU and RAM. It is most important to delete all unused apps. Many of those app may run on background using CPU workload, draining battery and more. You can use NOX Cleaner to get rid of those apps. Uninstalling those apps manually will not remove all the files on storage. That’s why it is better to use clean master application.

Features of NOX Cleaner

Below listed some of the features of this application. Feel free to find out more by using this application.

Junk File Cleaner. Junk files may create from system updates, app updates, file downloads, automatic downloads happen inside apps and more. You can easily all those junk files with one click using NOX Cleaner.

Antivirus. With this cleaning tool you will have free real time virus scanning tool that can protect you against malwares, adware, online trojans, privacy threats.

Memory Booster. This is the most used and expected feature out of cleaning tool. You can get sudden speed or performance boost by cleaning Ram. If you want to play a game or want to use an application and that application running slow, you can use instant RAM cleaning feature to get more RAM for the app you are using.

CPU Cooler. This feature can detect and find apps and task that heavy use CPU that cause increase in temperature. When your device is hot, you can use this feature to reduce CPU usage to bring temperature down.

Notification blocker. Today all most any application or game push notifications. If you want to get rid of all unwanted notifications use this feature. This feature can block notifications app wise.

App Manager. This is one of the most used features. Using this feature, you can get more storage space. Many devices come with pre-installed apps and games. You can use App Manager to delete those duplicate apps to get more storage.

App Locker. There are situations you had to share your phone with others. Adding lock to home screen does not solves privacy problems. You can block app by app using a password or pattern. If some need to take a photo or phone call you can easily give your phone. Because sensitive information is future blocked using App locker.

This app freely available on Play store and other third-party app stores like AC Market. If you want to install this cleaner on Android TV, Fire TV or Google TV you can use Aptoide TV application. If not, you can use Filelinked if you have filelinked code for that app.