Key Opinion Leader

Key Opinion Leader: The Secret Recipe On How To Utilize One In Your Business

Have you ever bought something after you read an opinion about it from someone you follow on Instagram or somewhere else? Do you look up blogs to discover information to help you make a purchase decision? Then you’ve virtually met a key opinion leader.

Who Are Key Opinion Leaders?

A key opinion leader is a person or organization that has a strong social influence, and their recommendations and opinions about products and services are valued. Such people may include columnists, political figures, celebrities, known brands, and others who people listen to as they consider them as the right decision-makers. Ideally, people see influencers as experts in their respective communities. People respect these leaders not just as representatives of a company but as individuals.

How Businesses Use These leaders to Achieve Digital Growth

Various businesses have realized the results that come from utilizing an opinion leader. Here is how and why they do it.

1. Grow Customer Database

A business needs to keep in touch with their customers. That way, they can communicate about an upcoming product release or share several important free1 tips on how their products can help. Yet, getting a customer database that doesn’t spam your emails, for example, can be challenging. But, with KOLs, businesses can get a huge customer database interested in their information. It takes shorter for a KOL to gather a customer following than it would a company.

2. Help Establish a Business in the Industry

Opinion key leaders don’t necessarily need social media to market your business. Their approach is slightly different from social media influencers. However, it doesn’t mean that these people or organizations don’t have following on social media. In fact, they have a huge following which is why your business should be associated with KOLs. This is especially important if you’re targeting gen z and millennials.

How does it work?

The KOL talks about your service or product on their social media platforms. Because they are trusted groups with a huge following, their followers become yours. For example, an influencer could wear apparel from the fashion brand SAQ and endorse the clothing. With thousands of followers, several will reach out to the fashion brand for similar or alternative clothing. Ultimately, the opinion leaders increase your sales funnel.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Another way business uses key opinion leader is to increase their brand awareness. This is especially important if the company feels that they can’t reach all their potential customers through ads. To make the best out of this, businesses use niche specific KOLs that tag the firm’s social media official platforms. That way, the company increases followership.

Who Need Opinion Leaders?

There is no limitation of which companies can and cannot have an opinion leader. In fact, you should eliminate the myth that having a KOLs on your side will cost you a lot. On the contrary, their influence will return your investments many folds. So whether you’re a startup or a known business whose revenue has plateaued, hiring an opinion leader will help turn things around to your advantage.

How NetBase Quid Can Help Your Company

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Your company can grow to similar greater heights with an influencer on your side. NetBase Quid will analyze various KOLs, identify how they will help your company grow, measure the results, and ensure everything works for you. Look up the company and embark on your way to the top of Google page.