Rank Your Business On Google Through Social Media

How To Rank Your Business On Google Through Social Media

A lot of business owners who have websites today but the actual problem is that they do not know exactly what SEO is and just how important it is for their business. If you are also a business website then the very first thing you need to know is that without traffic, there is no way your website can be of any use to you. If you open a shop in a dark alley somewhere and no one knows that it exists, how will you get customers? That is exactly what SEO does, it brings the customers to your doorstep.

Search engines have become very particular on how they rank websites today. For starters, you need both on-site and off-site SEO. On-site SEO is the search engine optimization efforts that are done on the website itself. These include:

– Fresh, original and relevant content- Relevant images- Relevant videos- Including meta-tags- Making your site easily navigable and making sure that it loads fast and a host of other steps that are far too technical to discuss here at this time.

As important as on-site SEO is, search engines like Google greatly value off-site SEO as well. The internet is a community after all and unless you are contributing to its greater good, then you are of no use to the search engines. Off-site SEO includes those brand optimization efforts that are felt throughout the web. Such as social media marketing, guest blogging, link building and so on.

Importance of off-site social media SEO

With social media sites rivaling the most powerful search engines when it comes to online traffic, marketing through this medium has become imperative for businesses. Continuous growth and increase in popularity mean that you as a business owner, have to constantly change your marketing strategy as well. Instagram is on the top of the list followed by Facebook when it comes to rank your business on Google by social media. Here are a few social media marketing tips especially for Instagram to help you put your online/offline business on the map.

– Post relevant material: These sites have evolved into something more than just a platform for people to talk about themselves. Make your post more relevant to your target market. Post solutions to problems, interesting facts, new niche information and so on. Make your Instagram page more focused on the readers’ benefit.

– Use high-quality Images, videos have always been popular with people. You will see, people will start to follow you and you can increase the following without buying Instagram followers in 2019. Use photos or videos to share your message and make sure your brand clearly stands out.

– Be a resource, not a sales pitch People do not like being sold. Use your Instagram as a resource for your potential customers. Make sure they get more value from being part of your connection. Once they have learned to trust you as a niche leader, they will naturally buy from you. Some apps like Followers Gallery can help you get free Instagram likes and followers.