Benefits Of Using Firefox As Your Default Browser

JDE Upgrade will give you a list of the benefits of using Mozilla Firefox as your default browser.

Firefox respects the privacy of its users

Firefox does not record and send any data without user permission, and whoever is interested in details can read Firefox’s privacy policy.

On the other hand, Google is a company that lives on the information it collects about its users. So, Chrome records literally everything you do and sends it to Google, where these data are later used for various purposes, including for displaying advertisements.

Firefox offers more personalization options

The degree of personalization is the biggest difference between Firefox and Chrome. Every Chrome browser looks almost identical, even on different operating systems and devices. In addition to hiding certain toolbars or removing several icons next to the address bar, the most you can on Chrome about personalization is to change the skin for the site where the site titles and the layout of the tabs are displayed.

In Firefox, you can do much more. In addition to moving things around and skins for the overall look, you can install Full themes to completely change the look of the browser. You can even completely imitate the appearance and behavior of other browsers using FXChrome, FXOpera and MX4 add-ons.

Firefox supports Chrome plugins

Since version 48, Firefox has support for WebExtensions. WebExtensions is a cross-browser API that allows developers to create add-ons that work in different browsers. Since it fully supports WebExtensions, Chrome plugins can be installed in Firefox.

All it takes is to install the Chrome Store Foxified plugin for Firefox. After that, you can visit any Chrome plugin in the Chrome Web Store, and the Add to Chrome button in the top right corner will become the Add to Firefox button.

Firefox has unique add-ons

Chrome has a significantly larger collection of plug-ins, but Firefox has several unique add-ons that are not available to Chrome users. And some of these plugins are so good that you do not want to leave Firefox after you try them.

The best example that comes to mind is Tree Style Tab. This plugin converts the tab with open tabs into the sidebar and allows you to organize tabs in a hierarchy based on a tree that can move around at will. It’s incredibly convenient to use and it’s really a pity that no other browser can do it completely.

In fact, we can freely say that Tree Style Tab is the main reason why we love Firefox so much. And here are five more great Firefox add-ons that no other browser has:

Tab Mix Plus – Advanced tab management.
Scrapbook – Keeping complete websites for later review (even if a web page has been deleted in the meantime).
DownThemAll – Advanced download manager. Accelerates the download and allows you to remove all links and images from the currently open web site at a click.
Video DownloadHelper – Download video clips from any website, including YouTube.

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