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All About Unix Linux-Based Hosting

Let us understand what Unix/Linux operating system platform has to offer in terms of web hosting. When it comes to spotting the difference between the two, there isn’t much of it. Both of them are commensurable for any computer that uses any operating system. So when you consider applying for web hosting services in any web hosting company, the choice doesn’t matter much.


Gone are the days when Linux could be used only by the experienced and pursue a career. Times are changing now. Providers are trying their best to make web site administration more and more user-friendly. Today, beginners are provided with control panels along with a web interface. And as for the experienced, shells are provided for controlling their sites.


If you deal with the maintenance quotient with professionalism, a Unix-based platform is considered to be the most reliable one. But again, Linux web hosting operating system gives a consistent service by protecting your website operating fidelity without having to worry about unexpected system bugs.


Linux is best for multi-tasking. It can deal with bulk processes simultaneously. Thus, resulting in multiplied input from the server.

What Scripting Languages Are Available For Unix?

Compared to the other operating system, UNIX offers you a lot more in context to application language. Some of the frequently used applications is C, C++, Shell, Perl, Tcl, Python, Java and PHP.

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What Databases Does Unix Support?

Your option on databases will be based on the Unix/Linux hosting company you opt for and the database it provides. Normally, there are two for UNIX: SQL and MySQL.

Why Choose Unix/Linux-Based Hosting?

Firstly, because it is low-priced, user-friendly and most reliable of all. Then, existing scripts such as PHP, function well while using Linux-based web hosting.

On using Shell and Telnet access you maximize the upgrading prospect in Unix/Linux web hosting.