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4 Signs Your Time And Attendance System Needs A Re-Think

4 Signs Your Time And Attendance System Needs A Re-Think

It may sound obvious, but keeping revenues high and growing – and translating consistently into corresponding profit growth – is a major headache for every business, irrespective of its size.  But once that small business moves into the territory where a dozen employees becomes 20, 50 and even 100 employees, revenue really is the number 1 concern.  Typically, the challenge is tackled by fine-tuning supply chains, or cutting costs throughout the entire business structure from top to bottom.  Perhaps the first place to start, however, should always be the time and attendance system.

Not too long ago, it was all done manually – employees punch in and the payroll staff start crunching the numbers so that nothing is missed about the most fundamental requirement of knowing when staff are at work so they are paid efficiently.  More modern time and attendance systems streamlined much of those old, manual tasks, but the latest-generation of software has changed the game yet again.

Have you noticed any signs that your time and attendance system is behind the times?:

Time Theft

If there are any rumbles in the workplace grapevine about workers feeling ripped off, that’s the biggest red flag.  But so is the opposite: employees taking advantage of your system’s loopholes and bragging about it.  We’re talking about things like staying clocked in for an unpaid break, ‘punching in’ for a late mate, and other such naughty but all-too-human breaches.  Over a day or a week, it’s no big deal.  Over a year or a decade, however?  Ouch.

Human Error

How often have you told excellent payroll staff that with such a complex task, the odd mistake isn’t something to beat yourself up about?  The problem is, human beings will always make errors – and lots of them.  Perfectly-designed digital software, however, really can keep a perfect track record.  And that’s especially true as a business and its workforce grows – and becomes increasingly mobile.

Wasted Time

The switch from manual to semi-automated was a gargantuan one for time and attendance, but those semi-automated processes still eat up the hours.  Just imagine if those hours spent monitoring and tweaking a system as it ‘does its thing’ really could be fully automated, with almost literally nothing to do once a tailor-made and flawless time and attendance software is up and running.

Legal Problems

Red Rooster; Caltex; Coles; Uber; Woolworths.  We don’t want to single them out, but they’re all great brands who have been busted for wage theft – big-time.  Put the huge fines and even the risk of jail-time aside and just imagine the enormous brand damage to add on top of civil lawsuits and the headache of a barrage of complaints.  Not treating time and attendance as a potential existential threat to your business is a big mistake.

Now imagine monitoring your business’ perfect time and attendance system on a mobile app.  Imagine getting an overview of exactly who’s at work right now and what they’re doing.  Imagine making it impossible for your workers to exploit the system, and also impossible for your system to rip them off.  Imagine if it takes far less than a day to set up and will future-proof your business for years.  With the right time and attendance system, matched perfectly to your business’ unique settings, concerns, needs, size, industry and structure, it will be several fewer headaches and guaranteed efficiency, productivity and profit-maximising gains.  To find out more, get in touch today.

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