Article About Watch Gt 3 Pro Standing Apart In Market Against Competitors

Article About Watch Gt 3 Pro Standing Apart In Market Against Competitors

Maybe it is because I’m spending the whole time writing about them. However, few new watches excite me. Huawei however is set to unveil a wearable that will excite me – at least some degree, however, and even though I will not be purchasing it, I am fine with that as it’s not for me. Huawei has revealed its plans to launch its Huawei watch gt 3 pro on April 28. its teasers for the device focus on one thing: the watch’s water resistance. According to Huawei, its forthcoming wearable comes with a variety of water resistance certifications and ratings such as IP68, 5ATM, as well as the EN13319 dive certification.

In fact, its diving credentials are the most prominent aspect of this water resistance, since it is the Huawei watch gt 3 pro is said to be appropriate for deep-water free diving to depths of 30 meters or more. This is an upgrade to the previously released Huawei Watch GT2 Pro that was suitable for water activities that are shallow. Also, it’s an upgrade from most other watches which typically have decent water resistance, which means it’s possible to use in the shower or, in some cases, the pool, but generally aren’t suited for deepwater use.

Not Want to Buy it But Somehow Yes

I’m a person who hasn’t been in a pool facility in the last decade of a decade, this feature isn’t something I’m interested in at all However, it might be interesting to divers, and probably to sailors, surfers, or anyone else who needs a little more confidence that their smartwatch will be able to save a trip to the ocean. This is probably still a small proportion of people however; it’s a proportion of people who wouldn’t have considered it. Huawei watch gt 3 pro without this feature, and it’s certainly a smart move for Huawei to adopt. In reality, I’d suggest the majority of smartwatch makers could learn from this since too very few of them are truly unique. In a few cases, they all share the same features: notifications and timers, music controls, and sometimes access to apps as well as voice-activated assistants, such as Google Assistant or Siri.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Review: Great Look, Impressive Tracking

High End-Models

Certain high-end models like those from the Apple Watch 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 include additional features in the mix, like an ECG and a heart rate monitor, and these watches will definitely be more distinct. However, even so, they are not the only ones having these features, and the makers will not add major improvements with every new model. This leaves us with a handful of intriguing (if slow to improve) smartwatches on the upper end, and an array of mostly interchangeable watches below that. If more of this sea is designed at filling a niche as is the case with the Huawei watch gt 3 pro has, then they’d be able to have a USP that would stand out to at most a small number of people.

Huawei Prevalent Stumbling Block

Any company can learn from Huawei’s experience It’s particularly beneficial for Huawei in particular because the company’s smartwatches could require an additional obstacle to overcome to make a mark. Huawei’s wearable frequently impress and are particularly impressive, with their flagships like the Huawei Watch GT 3 and the Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro, for instance, both getting the coveted four-star rating in  review however, unlike other Huawei products, they’re not available in the US and this makes them less appealing to a wider audience.