10 Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2020

10 Social Media Marketing Campaigns of 2020

Social media marketing campaigns do most of these advertising campaigns, which are now interactive, promoting nature. The communication that happens between the company and the customers is to attract their attention towards them and then in this process, giving away freebies in an extremely classic and most effective way. Hence, here social media marketing comes into place. It will not only give a platform to everyone for interaction, but it will also register the user’s reaction using the social media marketing campaigns, which the garners will get even more attention from the general crowd, and in no time it becomes super viral.

  • National Geographic’s #WanderlustContest: Many travelers were asked to submit their beautiful photographs under many different categories, and then this competition was finally ended. It was concluded with an amazing 56000 amount of photos submitted by photographers worldwide using social media marketing campaigns.
  • Esurance: Esurance is a concept which makes sure that it doesn’t miss any kind of ingredient in this recipe of successful advertising. First of all, it organizes huge giveaways to have a live record of the reaction of the people who were finally getting the money using social media marketing campaigns, and then finally sharing this all on social media channels to gain followers. When these videos were finally released, then social media channels got a great response.
  • Lowe’s: The used In-A-Snap campaign of Lowe’s, gaining popularity on Snapchat, where it is garnered with a lot of attention from the entire audience using social media marketing campaigns since it was an easy DIY in which, the video didn’t do anything, the viewer will need to do DIY, so the thumb was a specified tool, and by following the respective arrow, one can chisel, screw, and fix even to do anything.

  • Disney and make-a-wish: make a wish that is present in the organization that grants sick children as per their wish. One wish, which can be anything that they want, should be arranged and paid for by the Make-a-wish organization. Disney has joined hands with them and then successfully started a campaign which is called #ShareYourEars. In this campaign, a person has to share a recent picture of themselves in which they should be wearing mickey mouse ears with a tag on the post with the hashtag #ShareYourEar.
  • WWF earth hour: the cutting of electricity for one hour on the March of 19th was a great idea, just that when this advertising was also done while the producers kept in mind that a fairly huge amount of the persistent global population which was needed to switch off the required electricity on this earth hour to make a massive difference using social media marketing campaign. For this, they will provide free wifi to all the subway with the constant tag of “use the free wifi to retweet.” Being on a good social platform outside the home was their everywhere used tag.
  • The Dress: There was a spectacular dress that was famous about which the entire world was debating whether it was of the color blue, black, white, or gold, which is such an insignificant topic, right? But there was one lady out of all who was involved in using this already viral topic for the benefit of many worldly abused girls. She also made a print ad and then put it on that dress, which a model was wearing as a part of the social media marketing campaign that was shown severely abused and then tagged it as #TheDress.
  • Go pro’s spherical video campaign: This campaign was a little shy at the starting of 2016 using social media marketing campaigns; it did attract a lot of major attention as it was something that the desired users have never experienced before. 

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