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Outsourcing Web Development Services: Company or Freelancer?

Outsourcing Web Development Services: Company or Freelancer?

Robust web development practice includes hiring and maintaining a group of tech experts. You will be required to invest substantial funds if you plan to build an in-house web development team. Considering you need to hire a specialist for front end and back end web development, the cost may become a burden.

Apart from monetary cost, most companies end up spending time screening and recruiting candidates. Therefore, outsourcing a Web Design Companyor a freelancer is the best option to cover all such gaps. The advantage you get is

While the move towards a freelancing approach is prominent, Website Design Company also has a lot to contribute.

Fact: The average salary of a front-end web developer is $77,908 per year.

Hiring Offshore Web Developers

Many web development agencies allow you to hire excellent web developers from their team. As you stick with us, our Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, will enlist the pros and cons of hiring an agency.



Outsourcing a web design agency ensure proper mechanisms for quality control and strictly adhere to ethics. You can always trust them to get your job done. A freelancer may quit without any reason; however, agencies have a team of experts and honor the commitment, delivering on-time results.

Long-Term Approach

Agency enables you to build a long-term partnership. The developer may change, but the quality and kind of work you get remain the same. Meanwhile, if you require more than one worker, the Web Development Company in Kolkata will take care of it. The Agency-client relationship lasts longer.

Facts: About 78% of companies feel positive about their outsourcing partners.

Right Fit

You can be assured that the team is fit for your organization. The company guides the developers so that you don’t have to work on them personally. They have an absolute idea about your needs & assigns a team as per the work.


Slightly Expensive

The website development process can sometimes be expensive. Also, the cheapest is never the best choice. If the company you choose lacks quality consciousness or delivers poor quality work, this might hamper your project. You should check the work portfolio of an agency.

Lack of Trusted Agencies

The concept of a freelancing agency is not new; however, it requires substantial efforts, skills, and inputs. Finding a reliable agency is undoubtedly a big hurdle. But you can screen agencies by checking their portfolio. If you plan to move ahead, draft a crystal-clear contract and sign-in a trial period.

Portals Freelancers

You will come across portals that include freelancers and agencies. These portals are easy to use. The best part, it cost next to nothing. Likewise, you don’t need to find, screen, or train freelancers.

Meanwhile, some agencies also offer services. You don’t need to think about managing human resources. There’ll be no absences, and you get ongoing support if required.

Pros of Freelancer from Portals

Lower Cost

Freelancer needs to be paid less than an inhouse expert. But remember, the lower cost does not dampen the spirit of working or quality of work.

Flexible service

Freelancers are available anytime. You can also hire multiple freelance web developers. When the work subsides, you may let them go. They are flexible.

Quality skills

Most freelancing sites provide work gradings where past employers give ratings and reviews. This affects the chances of getting future projects. It also ensures that a freelancer offers quality work.


Breach in Secrecy

You may not be able to monitor the freelancer hired from the portal. Likewise, portals don’t allow to take new projects until the previous ones are completed. Therefore, a freelancer may have multiple accounts on multiple portals.

Facts: 70% of freelancers have a record of juggling between 2-4 clients.

Multiple projects bring down the focus and enhance the breach of secrecy and errors.

Lack of Continuity

A web development project is not a day’s work. A freelancer may be an affordable solution, but the lack of continuity may dwindle the project.

Lacks Supervisory Control

You cannot supervise your freelancer. There might not be any quality control too. The chances of getting dupped are also high here. You may bind a freelancer, but dragging them to the court would only be a waste of time.

Bottom Line

If you plan to develop a quality website, hiring a website development agency is the best solution. They offer reliable service and become an extended arm of your organization.


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