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Five Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In Costa Rica

Five Most Expensive Places To Buy Property In Costa Rica

It is worthy to note that most people are interested in buying property in Costa Rica for many reasons. These reasons range from its warm temperatures all year round down to its economic and political stability.

You can have all you want in this amazing State as it will provide you with the privacy you desire. Buying property in Costa Rica and living in Costa Rica as a foreigner is all about control and convenience.

There are lots of celebrities that own properties in Costa Rica. If you are interested in buying a property for yourself, there are places you should consider. Costa Rica is an amazing place to own beach homes with lovely scenic views.

Expensive Places To Buy Property

Some of the most expensive places to buy property in Costa Rica include

The Southern Pacific

For starters, this place is referred to as a boutique destination. The hotels you will find here are small, and they are all family-owned. Your property will be protected here as it comes with strict zoning and lots of permitting regulations.

Most people who own properties here usually keep their properties private. Bear in mind that the asking price for properties is $589,000.

Mal Pais/Santa Teresa

For those interested in living near the beach yet want to stay far from the crowded vacation spots, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa is the best bet for you. Both of them are neighboring communities that are situated at the Nicoya Peninsula in nowhere else but Puntarenas.

If you are a surfer, this is the destination to be. Nevertheless, there has been an increase in new constructions and developments. This means you will find some expensive properties to buy here with prices ranging from $1,400,000.

Manuel Antonio

The first thing to note about Manuel Antonio is that its National Park is the most visited in the whole of Costa Rica. This town is known for its beauty and charm. However, its options for purchasing properties are few

The communities close to Manuel Antonio are Uvita and Dominical. However, for those seeking costly places to buy property in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio offers $2,495,000.


Flamingo is a place in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, situated fifteen minutes away from the bustling and prominent Tamarindo beach town. The properties you will find here are around the Mountain and fully surrounded by nature.

This means you will have lots of privacy and relaxation with lovely views of the white sand beaches and blue water. If you feel like it, you can drive down to Conchal, Playa Grande, and Tamarindo as they are not far from Flamingo.

The most prominently known place in this area is the Hacienda Pinilla. However, there are lots of areas in Flamingo to buy properties. You can find houses for $2,895,000 here.

Papagayo Gulf

One thing to note about Papagayo Gulf is that its area is much more upscale and appealing to people who love comfort and luxury. The reason is not far fetched as you will find the marina, beach clubs and golf course here.

The Papagayo Gulf is situated in Guanacaste. If you never knew, Guanacaste is the North Pacific of amazing Costa Rica. It is just thirty minutes away from Liberia’s airport.

There are many options to purchase a home here, and you can find expensive properties with prices of up to $5,900,000.

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