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Milesweb : Affordable Reseller Hosting Provider In 2020

Milesweb : Affordable Reseller Hosting Provider In 2020

MilesWeb is a reliable and trusted and web hosting provider mostly known for its low cost and speedy loading times.

But, do you think it is a good reseller hosting provider?

The company has got over 20,000 customers and is awarded as the best SSD hosting provider by Hostingtribunal.

If you are a website developer or designer and want to establish a one-stop solution for website development and hosting, then reseller hosting is your go-to option. With the reseller hosting, you can provide web hosting service too, so that it is one more opportunity for you to earn from it.

How Can You Earn From Reseller Hosting?

Well, all you have to do is, just buy any cheap reseller hosting plan from MilesWeb, and structure them as per your pricing strategy. You can fix any amount of resources at any price you want. Mostly, people put a profit margin on their web hosting plans when they sell it to their customers. So, when you provide hosting, you can simply earn profits.

Perks of starting a web hosting business via reseller hosting plan from MilesWeb are :

1. No Initial Capital Required

Many people think that to start a web hosting business, they will have to invest a lot of money. The reason is that for web hosting businesses you need servers, IT infrastructure, technical staff, with good internet connection and laptops or computers.

But MilesWeb surpasses all these conditions. With the reseller plan you don’t need to have any infrastructure, just get the plan and start selling, rest all is looked after by MilesWeb team.

2. Strong Technical Support

F you are well versed with web hosting technical knowledge then it is good, but even if you don’t have any of its knowledge, then still it can work. Yes, MilesWeb provides customer support to you and to your customers as well. You can redirect your customers, whose issues you are not able to solve, and the MilesWeb team will solve the issue under your brand name only.

Also, the team works 24/7, so you don’t need to worry about customer handling issues.

3. 100% White Label

As you saw, MilesWeb doesn’t revile their identity to your customers, it is nothing but a white label feature. Due to this, as a unlimited reseller hosting user from MilesWeb, you get this 100% white label service where you can structure plans and put your own cost without mentioning the merchant’s name anywhere.

Thus, you are free to operate from anywhere.

4. Billing Automation Tool

In reseller hosting, you may need to handle a huge customer base. Thus, MilesWeb provides the best web hosting billing automation tool. This WHMCS tool simplifies your billing, termination, and daily operations, so just place an order and get it to install from them.

Features Of All Reseller Hosting Plans From Milesweb Are :

MilesWeb always ensures to provide the best of the hosting features and thus, takes care of all your hosting requirements.

Free Ssl Certificate :

All plan comes with an SSL certificate that protects website data during the information transmission. As a reseller hosting user, you and all your customers get a free SSL certificate incorporated with the plan.

Unlimited Website :

Each hosting plan comes with a fixed number of cPanel accounts. But, every cPanel account allows you to host unlimited websites. So, even if you have a single cPanel account, you don’t have to worry about the number of websites been hosted within it. It can accommodate unlimited domains and sub-domains.

Ssd Storage –

SSD storage provides supreme speed to your website. So, if you are still getting traditional HDD then it’s time to get the latest SSD storage and experience blazing speed website performance.

1 Click Installer –

1 click installer is a Softaculous software that allows you to install any application like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc in just clicks. In order to update a website, you may need certain applications and 1 click is your way to go option in that case, as it saves you from search, installs, and wait for a longer duration.

Website Builder Tool –

F you are in urgent and want to deliver a developed website fast, and then this website builder tool helps you to do so. Using this tool, you can create any personal or professional website within no time. Just select a theme from various options and put your content into it, as voila, your website gets ready.

Malware Protection –

Malware can attack websites in any form and at any time. Thus, all MilesWeb servers are scanned on a daily basis and even if any malicious activity is caught, they solve it immediately, without getting infected into the website.

Email Service –

The email service allows you to send and receive emails from your domain. That means, suppose your domain name is ‘xyz’ then you can send an email from This gives a professional touch to your business. All the emails support POP3/IMAP protocols so that they remain safe and can be accessed from anywhere you go.

Want Help With A Reseller Hosting?

Just get in touch with MilesWeb through chat or email and they will guide in more detail.

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