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8 Reasons Why Flutter Is The First Choice For Mobile Development In 2020

8 Reasons Why Flutter Is The First Choice For Mobile Development In 2020

Developed by one of the biggest multinational technology companies, Google, Flutter is an open-source platform that is used for developing cross-platform applications for Android and iOS. It is a full-fledged SDK (Software Development Kit) that includes various command-line tools, a plethora of widgets, APIs for app testing as well as integration, and engine rendering.

Most of the developers from renowned mobile app development companies are selecting Flutter for developing high-performing mobile applications for different business segments. And, if you are wondering why, then check out the top eight reasons given in this post.

Why Top Mobile App Development Companies Choose Flutter for Building Mobile Apps?

Let’s read them in detail:

Great App Responsiveness

App developed using Flutter can run on multiple platforms allowing the app users to access complete features and functionalities. This can be done without changing the Dart code or the design of the app. Flutter is not only used for the mobile platforms, but it is also a preferred choice for the desktops.

Facilitates Cross-platform App Development With Native Capabilities

Flutter uses Dart as its programming language, which doesn’t require the use of a JavaScript bridge. In other words, it can be compiled into native machine code. As compare to React Native, it is quite faster and simpler to compile and launch an application using the Flutter framework.

Suitable for MVP

MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is indeed a perfect way to verify your business idea before actually developing the complete app. By using an MVP, you can get feedback from your targeted audience and build the app accordingly. This not only reduces a significant amount of development cost but also minimizes the chances of business failure to a great extent.

Flutter facilitates developing a minimal viable product using limited time and money. Moreover, it has a flexible user interface that is considered as the best option for creating an MVP. To know how to develop an MVP with Flutter, contact a top mobile app development company.

Uses Single Codebase and User Interface in All Platforms

To create the user interface for an app, Flutter uses reusable widgets with common patterns. It means a developer doesn’t need to adjust the UI properties (color, font, and more) separately. The same can be done by changing the code for both the Android and iOS platforms.

The platform uses a single codebase for developing a mobile application for desktop, mobile, and web platforms. This concept helps the developer to build the application quickly for both the platforms. Moreover, it also relieves them from writing the code from scratch for developing the app for the second platform.

Backed by Google

Flutter has Google community support; the platform offers a cloud computing solution to build native-like applications with exceptional features. The enhanced UX it offers also contributes to the popularity of Flutter.

Requires Less Testing

Since Flutter uses a single codebase for developing an app for multiple platforms, developers need to test the code only once. This reduces a huge amount of time, cost, and development efforts.

Fast Coding With Hot Reload

The single codebase feature of Flutter increases development speed and also makes the entire coding process seamless and effortless. Furthermore, the hot reload feature of the platform makes it simple to modify any code without impacting the rest of the code. This is one of the biggest reasons why developers prefer Flutter for building cross-platform applications.

Saves a Significant Development Time and Cost

Owing to Flutter’s hot reload and single codebase feature, the development of a cross-platform application can be done in less time. Moreover, identifying and troubleshooting bugs, developing user interface, and embedding new features doesn’t affect the speed of development.

Final Words

Flutter possesses exceptional features like hot reload, quick development process, less testing, Google support, and others mentioned in this article. Apart from this, it also allows developers to build cross-platform applications quickly and flawlessly. These benefits of flutter make it an ideal choice for developing cross-platform apps that can run smoothly on Android and iOS platforms. It is considered a preferred choice for both onshore and offshore projects. If you too want to develop an application using Flutter, then reach out to a custom mobile app development company with your specific app requirements. Since there are many mobile app development services providers available, it is imperative to choose the one that offers you a perfect blend of quality and cost.

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